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Dodane przez:: Dave   Data: 05-06-2016 05:47
HDK 111 is-in 1Z [0,680-4,40]
HDK 114 is-in "z auta BMW"
HDK 192 is-in AHU

HDK 196 is-in AFN
HDK 216 is-in ASV, AHG
note: afn / asv pumps are similar, the difference in injectors opening pressure: 190 or 220
HDK 240 is-in AHH

HDK 200 @ IP vag number: 038130107j

1. till HDK216 its 10mm pump, everything above i.e. 240 might be in 11mm pump
2. 1Z has 3.96v (ahu might have the same voltage), afn around 4.3v, asv: 4.4v (theory)